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Thomas's Story

Thomas Lim feels that it is an honor and privilege to be part of the 200 runners team for Relay Majulah to help raise funds for President's Challenge and 67 charity organizations. He has been volunteering for the past 8 years and has been able to witness many who are less fortunate - old and young and are struggling every day.


From dealing with their sickness, worrying about their medical expenses, their next meal, affording a decent roof with a bed, being jobless and no pocket money to buy school uniforms and text books. Without these charities, he can't fathom how will these less fortunate cope with their daily lives. He invites all to make a donation which will be greatly appreciated, ensuring the less fortunate will be taken care of. Every dollar counts, likewise the every step he makes during the relay. He hopes to motivate more runners to participate in such fundraising events in future and also to continue to support these charity organizations by contributing back to the community.

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