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Tien Beng


Tien Beng's Story

Born bow-legged and flat-footed, Phua Tien Beng overcame his very poor physical ergonomics to become a regular runner and a finisher of 3 full marathons. He hopes his story will encourage more people to pick up running.

Tien Beng feels is extremely blessed to have benefitted from the excellent education system in Singapore as both his parents had to drop out from school in their early teens to support their families. He managed to secure a government scholarship to study overseas - something that was beyond wildest dreams. Now the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Parkway Pantai Limited, Singapore, Tien Beng attributes his success to the meritocratic society in Singapore.

Apart from his role as the CEO of Parkway Pantai Limited, Tien Beng also juggles his time between being a member of 2 school advisory committees, a Community Development Counsellor and a father. He has also recently started on an Executive Master’s of Business Administration (EMBA) program.

Regardless of his hectic schedule, Tien Beng is committed to participating in Relay Majulah to raise funds for the 67 charities supported by the President’s Challenge. He also hopes that those that have had the opportunity to develop and growth themselves should give back to society and lend a helping hand to others by paying it forward. 

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