Tze Boon


Tze Boon's Story

Tze Boon is the Group Executive Chairman of Ong & Ong and Co-Chair of Relay Majulah. He spent his early years in pursuit of a professional life. He has since realized that without health, you would be a burden to your family and not being able to enjoy life, hence his advice is : "Prioritise your health and you before all else.  Make "you" the Priority".  To that end, he has taken up running and is one of the two Singaporeans (the other being his cousin) who did 7 marathons in 7 days across 7 continents. He has since "advanced" to mountain climbing and even scaled a virgin mountain in Khazanstan obtaining the honour to name it after his late mother, Ong Siew May.

Relay Majulah will lead into President's Star Charity, an initiation by Singapore's late President, Ong Teng Cheong, 26 yrs ago. Being the son of the late President Ong, Tze Boon is honoured to be chairing this event and running the first leg to carry on his father's legacy.  This run is also his small way of contributing to the greater good and he hopes that his participation in this run helps inspire others so that they too can live a happy healthy life and his own small way of contributing to the greater good, as he succinctly puts it : "Our collective effort exemplifies that, together, we can make anything possible".

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