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Veerasekaran's Story

Veerasekaran was just five when his father, who worked as a road sweeper and a gardener, died of an illness. His mother worked as a nanny to support the family and relatives helped to raise him and his siblings. Despite having to juggle his studies with a job, Veera won a place at NUS. Unable to pay his school fees, his benefactor, lawyer Haridass Ajaib offered to pay his fees and told him to pay it forward to others who need help.


Veera went on to graduate from NUS with a degree in botany, becoming the first in his family to attend and finish university. Today, the father of two is the founder of Greenology, which develops ideas for green walls and urban farms and offers horticultural consultancy services. He pays it forward by hiring former convicts, buying food for elderly people at eateries and helping the elderly and children with special needs. His story was one of the 5 featured films during NDP 2018. Through his participation in Relay Majulah, Veera hopes to inspire everyone to never give up and to keep trying to build and chase your dreams.

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