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Victor's Story

Mr. Victor Chan, 64 – a swimming pool supervisor and competing triathlete who is a member of Team Strong Silvers. Team Strong Silvers is a senior citizens health and fitness interest group that came together in October 2013, with the primary objective of encouraging senior citizens to age actively, and the younger generation to invest in their health earlier in life. Hailing from different sporting backgrounds, the team chose Calisthenics as its exercise platform as it required little in the terms of equipment, yet gave great benefits in terms of functionality and strength.


Mr Chan and the other members of Team Strong Silvers, have generously spent their time to spread the message that you are never too old to exercise and keep fit. The members readily respond to requests for calisthenics displays by organizations working with the elderly, such as the Econ group and TOUCH Caregivers Support. They also work with the media departments of government related agencies on healthy lifestyle matters, being featured on their publications, both on print and on e-platforms. These agencies include Sengkang Health, as well as the Community Development Councils.

The team stands by academic studies that senior citizens respond better to physical training when facilitated by their peers. Many senior citizens find it a mental challenge to meet the expectations of younger trainers, even if they actually quite capable of meeting and exceeding the requested performance. Hence the members of Team Strong Silvers have been collaborating with fitness service providers to provide training sessions to other seniors. In addition to on-site training, the team also provides fitness training content, such as training manuals and videos. By showing a local senior citizen performing the moves, the users experience ready identification and enhanced learning, and Mr Chan is deeply proud of that.

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