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Vincent's Story

Vincent Chia, PBM, is a grassroots leader that has been reaching out to communities living in rental flats. 

His interest in these communities stems from having grown up in a kampong; Knowing your neighbours and fostering a sense of neighbourliness, otherwise known as the ‘kampong spirit’, is something that is important to Vincent. Grassroots work occupies a considerable amount his time, but Vincent kills two birds with one stone by roping in his family to spend meaningful time together while helping others. These experiences teaches the young, and in this case, his children, and teaches them to put others before themselves. 

Vincent used to lead a sedentary life, however Relay Majulah has motivated him to come out of his comfort zone to help the 67 beneficiaries in need while helping himself be a better and fitter person. After agreeing to run for Relay Majulah, Vincent made an effort to make significant changes to his lifestyle: he started to reduce his intake of sugar and carbohydrates intake and to run or exercise regularly. His health and energy levels experienced noticeable improvements just after 2 months. 

He wants to use this opportunity to challenge himself; As someone that was unable to run 200m without feeling exhausted, having to conquer 10km at one go is really a tall order. With this challenge at hand, he hopes to train and be able to conquer his leg of Relay Majulah while raising money to help the less fortunate.

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