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Wee Kiak


Wee Kiak's Story

Lim Wee Kiak is an eye doctor and a member of Parliament. Growing up in and around the lush greenery of Mandai and Sembawang, he loves the nature and great outdoors. He is also an eye doctor with green fingers as he likes gardening and growing plants. Through service to his patients, to the community and nation, he has learned and grew.Wee Kiak feels that it is a great honor to participate in Relay Majulah, a historic bicentennial relay in support of President's Challenge. He looks forward to running together with his friends and members of Canberra running interest group.


Many have volunteered to run with him and pace him when he told them that he is participating in Relay Majulah. This relay is challenge to him as he usually only do short runs of 5km. For 10-20km runs with stipulated timings is certainly a challenge to him. HIs dreams and hopes are similar to many fellow Singaporeans - to keep our little red dot shining bright and provide our future generations with an even better Singapore. IHe hopes to inspire and rally more Singaporeans to step forward to help fellow Singaporeans in need.

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