Vincent's Story

Vincent Lim is a volunteer at one of the President's supported 67 charities. 


He started volunteering with his family, about 10 years ago, distributing rice and bread to the underprivileged mainly the lower income families. Heeding the call to reach out and help more, Vincent's family and himself, went on and served as volunteers to one of the Nursing Homes in Singapore. He strongly believes that volunteerism is necessary as it bridges divides, unites people and bring sunshine to the lives of many.

Outside of work, he is a health and fitness buff. He enjoys running 3-4 times a week, and also taking part in running events.

From now till November 2019. Vincent is excited that he will be combining running and raising funds through Relay Majulah initiative. This is a ground up initiative with 200 runners from all walks of life, coming together to run a relay (each person running 1 segment of 10km or 20km) for a total of 2,000km in 200 hours.

He is aiming to reach a $5,000 target with all proceeds going straight to the President's Challenge 67 charities.

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