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Wei Hsien


Wei Hsien's Story

Running always holds a special place in Chan Wei Hsien's heart. As a child, he was ostracised for being the slowest runner in his class and constantly yearned to catch up to his peers. In his teenage years, he discovered that, while he couldn’t run as fast as his classmates, he was able to run further than most of them. This led him to representing his school in several distance runs and even winning medals!

Despite the successes in this new found passion, Wei Hsien gave up distance running when he entered University, stopping for over 2 decades due to his focus on building his career and his family. Several years ago, he decided to join a 10km race that was sponsored by his firm and discovered, much to his surprise, that he was able to complete it within a reasonable time. This performance motivated him to start training again and over time, found him way to the podium in some masters’ races.

As a member of Singapore Masters Track and Field Association, Wei Hsien hopes to continue running for as long as he can to keep fit. Through his participation in Relay Majulah, he hopes to prove to himself and show everyone that age is just a number, if you try hard enough, nothing is impossible.

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