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Wei Jie


Wei Jie's Story

Lim Wei Jie started his company, Foreword Coffee, in 2017, during his NUS days. Foreword Coffee is a social enterprise with a big heart, working with people with disabilities and special needs, such as autism, mild intellectual disabilities, deafness, cerebral palsy, and those recovering from from mental health issues. The company trains and hires them for its cafes, teaching them barista skills and giving them confidence to work in a cafe setting. 


Wei Jie chose coffee as a product because it can bring people together: He wanted differently-abled people to be frontline service crews, thereby increasing their interaction with the public, with the aim of reducing the social stigma towards them. Today, the team is 20 people strong, with 3 outlets in Singapore. Of the 20-man team, 16 of them are differently-abled.


Wei Jie hopes that through his participation in Relay Majulah, he can raise awareness about the social stigma faced by individuals with disabilities and special needs, building a more caring, beautiful Singapore.

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