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Whee Boon


Whee Boon's Story

Tan Whee Boon was a gas plant technician before his leg amputation and his duty was to ensure that the gas system runs smoothly without failures to our customers. As a quad amputee, he encountered difficulties initially when it came to selecting a sport of his liking. Whee Boon is glad to have had the opportunity to try out swimming, rock climbing, table-tennis, scuba-diving, sitting volleyball, wheelchair-fencing and wheelchair rugby.


It was wheelchair rugby that called out to him and that sport keeps him moving forward. He count himself blessed to be able to live each day, do volunteering and give back to the society. He is honoured to be part of Relay Majulah and looks forward to meeting the runners who all came forward, for a good cause. He hopes that by taking part in this relay, we can create awareness to the public to forge a more caring and inclusive society. 

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