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Yee Han


Yee Han's Story

Kuan Yee Han has been researching and promoting discussion on ageing with youths through the classes and workshops that he conducts at the university. With the rapid growth in ageing population, there is an increasing need to improve the lives of the elderly in Singapore physically, mentally and socially.


Yee Han is currently championing for the younger population to have deep conversations with our pioneer generations in Singapore and create awareness on how individuals can have an impact to make Singapore a better place for people of all ages.He wants to work with the society to give our senior citizens a sense of worth, confidence and productivity, to have stronger connections with their community and improve their social lives. 


Through Relay Majulah, he will be running to inspire people to not think of ageing as a burden but a process of growth that we can all embrace. He challenges all Singaporeans to continue chasing our dreams while having great care for others, especially our senior citizens who have paved our dreams for us. 

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