Yuvan's Story

Yuvan Mohan, who won the Inspiring Youth award at the 5th Silent Heroes Award in 2018, has been deeply involved with the National Youth Council, and served as chief curator at Young Change Makers, a NYC initiative. In this role, Yuvan has been guiding young people, 15 to 35 years of age, in their pursuit for life interests.


A banking professional by training, Yuvan has served the community for the last two decades in various capacities, working with youths mostly. The spirit of volunteerism runs deeply in Yuvan, who learnt quickly about taking on and delivering to responsibilities, as he grew up as the only child in a single-parent family. He is thankful that he had had the support of family, and other like-minded volunteers, in helping him chart his directions and involvement in volunteer work thus far. He now wants to run in Relay Majulah to promote and strengthen aware of volunteerism, as well as show appreciation to the pool of selfless and dedicated volunteers in Singapore. He hopes that through his involvement in the event, he could inspire more people to step out and volunteer.

“Volunteers are an unique breed of individuals”, Yuvan said, “who serve quietly and willingly, and often their contributions go unnoticed”. It is Yuvan’s wish that more resources could be made available to empower the volunteers and inspire them to contribute and make a difference to the community.

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