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Yvonne's Story

Yvonne Lim a full time working mum of 4 kids. She started running marathons since 2015 and to-date has completed 12 marathons. She is very thankful for the good family support she gets so she can focus a large part of her spare time on her trainings, and achieving what she never thought she could achieve in her running.

When she was approached by a running team mate to participate in Relay Majulah, her first thought was that it would be really meaningful to be part of this charity event. This event is a relay of 200 runners running over 2000km. It's a non stop event where runners are running throughout the day and night. 

She gets a lot of support from her family and in return she would like to give back to the community in whatever ways she is able to. She hope that through this fund raising effort, she is able to lessen the pain and struggles of the less fortunate.

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