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Yong Yuen


Yong Yuen's Story

Avid Singaporean Ultra Marathon runner Yong Yuen Cheng, 43, shot to public prominence when he ran 2,500km in 50 days, from April to June last year. That's 50km per day - and it's actually 125 rounds around a typical 400m stadium track. Together with fellow ultra runner Lim Nghee Huat, the duo had then ended their 2,500km running feat - by lighting the SEA Games torch on the last day of their epic run.


Ordinary people can accomplish extraordinary feats, according to Yuen Cheng, who was physically weak and sickly when he was young. He was also not good at sports, yet through hard work, became an ultramarathon runner, and a PE teacher. Some of the milestones he has have achieved include winning 2 200km or more races, one 100-mile race, completing 250 km of continuous running, running 50 km for 50 consecutive days, kayaking and dragon boating around Singapore.


Yuen Cheng believes that anyone can succeed if he or she works hard enough, and perseveres through obstacles and setbacks that come along the way. In seeking success, Yuen Cheng reminds us, to remember our friends, to help the less fortunate, and give back to the community, and that is why he is participating in Relay Majulah, not to forget the less fortunate, and to help those in need.

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