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Zhi Yong


Zhi Yong's Story

Participating in Relay Majulah hits close to home for Liu Zhiyong, an operations director and co-founder of JustRunLah!. When he first started working in 2007, in pursuing his career, he ignored his health and saw his weight and blood pressure went up. But everything changes in 2013, when he decided to put an end to his bad habit after his health left him feeling sluggish at work and affected his self-confidence.


Zhiyong picked up running again and later learnt from his coach and fellow team mates that running is not just about losing weight but can lead to him achieving so much more. Running helps in coping with challenges and stress and enables him to relate to and connect with people, and to establish peace and harmony from within. It is a sport that constantly challenges one’s determination, discipline and dedication.

Zhiyong hopes that through his participation in Relay Majulah, he will be able to spread positivity and open-mindedness through the passion for running and fitness.

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