Relay Majulah Exhibition

Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

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Relay Majulah is a ground-up initiative where 200 runners
People from all walks of life and abilities – unite as one to conquer 2,000km over 200 hours to commemorate Singapore's 200 years and to raise funds for President's Challenge and its 67 supported charities. It also aims to unite the community, for the community; and tell the inspiring stories of people with indomitable spirit, who live life to the full and live life without limits.

The relay had an amazing selection of runners that, in their own unique ways, exemplify the potentials and resilience of the human spirit. Amongst them are Corporate Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Paralympians, Celebrities and more from varying facets and walks of life. These runners of all ages, races, and religions came together to achieve a shared vision.

The largest and longest relay ever in Singapore history, this initiative had raised more than S$1.6 Million, exceeding its initial target of S$1 Million. It had also entered the Singapore book of records as the Longest Distance Covered Consecutively By 200 Athletes in 200 Hours.

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Be the change that we want to see in our own society
- Tan Chuan-Jin
"I thank the 200 runners who ran to raise funds for the President’s Challenge. Let’s work together to create a more caring and inclusive Singapore!" 
- President Halimah Yacob
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This year’s President’s Star Charity (PSC) has raised a record-breaking S$10,471,294. Relay Majulah raised S$1,601,419 to be the Top Contributor to the President's Star Charity 2019 - even setting a New Singapore Record for the longest ever relay, in support of the 67 charities under the President’s Challenge.
Photo Journal
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The Organising Committee


Ong Tze Boon, Bennett Neo



Kevin Mok

Runners Committee:

Gerrard Lin (Chair), Clancie Ng



Priscilla Gan

Fundraising Committee:

Elim Chew (Chair), Vivian Lim, Ernawaty Sorianto

Marketing & Communications Committee:

Catherine Ho (Chair), Christine Loo, Jacqueline Chew, Tania Cheong

Events Committee:

Jeffrey Foo (Chair), Kevin Chan, Ong Chien Kiat

The Support Crew


Lim Miki, Muhammad Aqil Bin Hussen, Letchumanan Kumaran, Mohammad Dzulhairi Bin Abdul Halik, Syamil Bin Sarafi, Dorcas Wee Shi Mei, Elena Teo Hui Wen, Lee Xin Xuan, Heng Kian Soon David, Chua Khai Leng

Singapore Red Cross Medical team:
Karine Tan, Muhammad Nabawi, Mark Tan, Ong Wee Chee, Abdul Ramadan, Muhammad Daniel, Edison Ong, Chay Him, Anna Ong, Lee Yong Hao, Jeffrey Tan, Danny Koh, Jason Wo

Command Team:

Kevin Chan, Sherine Chua, CK Ong, Sean Lim, Melvin Wong

Logistic Team:

Muhammad Fazri Bin Mohamad Amin, Lim Qi Sheng

Photographers & Videographers:

Victor Mok, Ming Ham, Desmond Successpedia, Ada Zhang Xian, Stanley (Canon EOSworld), Fu Keong

LTA Enforcement:

Chandrasekar S/O Palanisamy, Calvin Ng Cheong Gay, Mark Lee Koon Hong, Belinda Ni LingHui, Willy Soo Wei Keong, Chan Xiao Ping, Tan Guan Kict, Kamalludin Bin Idris, Chia Chee Peng Andrew, Rosli Bin Abdul Wahab, Mohamed Yazeed Bin Uonos Mohamed, Mohamad Kamal Bin Haron, Muhammad Suhaimi Bin Hendro Wibowo, Dzulkifli Donny Bin Kamaruden, Norris Ang, Muhammad Shameer Ali Bin Shaik Gulam Ali, Iswardy Bin Ishkandar Shah, Muhamad Yunus Bin Ameer Hamsa, Aiman Bin Zakaria, Aidil Bin Ramlan, Muhammad Nasrul Bin Ahmad, Muhammad Shahri Bin Samani, Muhammed Hairulnizar Bin Ameer, Khalid Bin Umar, Kong Wai Keong, Teng Sim Yam Remus, Raja Firman Bin R Usman, Danny Wong King Yan, Jeffrey Lee Kang Wah


Sebastian Leang, Lee Chew Yen, Chew Ming Miin, Pamy Tan, Amanda Tan, Bryan Goh, Mohd Afiq.

Book and Exhibition Partners

Relay Majulah Book and Exhibition Partners:
A.D.A Productions, LI Foundation, Fenghe Group,

Presented by:
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Supported by:
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Supporting Partners:
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Supporting Partners:
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