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Relay Majulah

The idea to run for a good cause with the number 200 to coincide with Singapore’s bicentennial year the commemoration was mooted by the core members of the committee.

All 200 runners in a relay format will pass the baton from one to another, covering 2000km. The runners will challenge themselves to cover 10km or 20km and work together to achieve the total distance within the targeted timing of 200 hours. On top of that, they will help to raise funds among their communities to support the President's Challenge and to uplift the lives of the community in need.
The relay is made up of an amazing selection of runners that, in their own unique ways, exemplify the potential and resilience of the human spirit.
Amongst them, we have Corporate Leaders, Politicians, Entrepreneurs, Paralympians, Celebrities and more from varying facets and walks of life. We have runners of all ages, races, and religions coming together to achieve a shared vision.
Together, we hope to rise as a community and champion the ‘Majulah’ spirit in Singapore. 
Support your favourite runner
by donating on 100% of funds raised will be donated to the 67 charities supported by The President's Challenge.